Adult colouring – A look at something different

Now there are plenty of adult colouring books around and looking at the charts of Amazon you will see a familiar theme in the types of best selling books.  A lot are animal themed or abstract patterns and if that’s not your thing then that’s cool as there are plenty of different types of books available.

Here are some of my favourites found when writing this and I hope they are of use to others to help open up the world of adult colouring.

Doodle Invasiondoodle invasion colouring book

A unique and refreshing take on adult colouring.  The subject matter is a little different to other books available which makes this a winner.  Double sided but 50 pages makes this a good choice with plenty of variety.




Dream Citiesdream cities

I really like the look of this book and whilst the look of the book is similar to the most popular ones available the subject of cities is a little bit different, and something the kids can also join in and help with.



slinky tart colouring bookSlinky Tart

A book of pin up cartoon girls.  Quite unique and not to everyone’s taste but a nice alternative nether the less.  Only 24 pages so on the small side and double sided so may not work well with certain colouring pens.

What is good about this book is that the backgrounds are plain meaning you can be creative and add a background scene to each page.

Day of the Dead – Sugar Skillssugar skulls colouring book

Again something different and maybe not something for everyone but that’s not what this article is about.  100 pages so decent amount of content and good quality paper based on the reviews.  What’s also nice is the balance between black and white backgrounds that you don’t always get.


tattoo colouring bookTattoo Colouring Book

If tattoo’s are your thing then this is the book for you.  Want to get more creative then why not add to the designs.  Endless possibilities with this gothic inspired book.  128 pages.



Classic Comic Colouring Bookcomic colouring in book

I was a big fan of comics growing up and this looks a very fun and different colouring book.  Definitely on my list of books to purchase in the near future.  Intricate designs are not what this book is about, get creative with huge bold colours and let your imagination run free.

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